Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the process take?

Each job is unique. It could be as little as a one-day process for a repair or a pre-finished installation; however, it could be as long as three weeks for a full home renovation. During our on-site estimate, we will discuss a timeline so you know what to expect

Will you move our furniture and/or appliances?

Yes; however, we would prefer not to.

Furniture: We bill at an hourly rate. We do not move pianos or any furniture weighing more than 2 men can handle.

Appliances: We charge per appliance, plus an additional fee for water hook up

Will it be dusty?

There will be a minimal amount of air-borne particles as we use a DCS (dust containment sanding system) that draws out roughly 90% of airborne particles. We will; however, plastic off adjoining areas so we are containing any minimal debris to the work area.

Can I be in my home during the process?

Yes. During the demo, installation, and major sanding process you are able to be in the home. During the staining and finishing process, we will need you out of the home from 7 am-5 pm. You will be able to walk across the floor with stocking feet after 5 pm.

Will my house smell from the fumes?

Depending on what type of product is selected to achieve your desired look, there could be some residual odors; however, with our standard process, there is a very low odor V.O.C.